Alpha Core Goertz

Anyone else notice that their customer service is beyond unhelpful...but insulting?

I tried to order 2 banana plug terminations with them and one month later they've yet to send them. Dropped the order twice.

I'm selling these cables and working with a company that can help me. Too bad they lost my business for a $30 dollar order.

Thank you jetter! That info helps alot.

So, if I will be using the Goertz cables just on the woofer end of my speakers bi-wire connections, I should still use the Zobel’s?


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If I was to give my OPINION, I would place them between the + and - of the speaker’s woofer connections.  I have read and in my experience the zobel networks have no impact on sound.

Out of an abundance of caution for your beautiful system it would be great if Ralph @atmasphere would chime in.

The issue here is that the Goertz cables have high capacitance. If connected to an amplifier with a poorly designed feedback loop, the result can be an oscillation that can damage the amp (and probably a tweeter) in very short order. This was a much bigger problem in the 1970s and early 80s. But just because an amp was made in the 21st century does not guarantee its immunity; its best to check with the amp manufacturer to be sure there isn't a problem. The ZOBEL network may or may not help (but won't harm) depending on the amplifier's design.

Thank you for the help.

I just received the Zobel’s and I must say I am way underwhelmed. They look like 2 toothpicks! I wonder how long the little thin bare wire will last?

I put them in some stackable spades, hopefully, to minimize wear.

The actual used Goertz cables are to arrive tomorrow.