Altec Lansing Model 19

After a loooooong research I found them! 10/10 condition cabinet drivers grills everithing is brend new, the owner (first and only) has reassured me they are perfect and I can tell you he is right!! not easy to get them here in Europe.
QUESTION, I want to drive them with the best amplification from the 70s!! nothing like nowadays elettronics, possibly one box amp!
Thanks for the help!
I suggest you consider McIntosh MC275; the extra power will give you better control at lower listening volumes. A C20 or C22 would work, but you might want to consider going with a C2300 if you run a MC cartridge. Not vintage, but the phono section is superb. Great find, good luck and happy listening!
Betcha a Shindo Montrachet would sound great with the 19's. I always enjoyed the sound of that amp, the few times I have heard it.
70's transistor amps were pretty crap sounding and using them with any horn speaker is a very bad idea. Even by today's standards The Altec 19 is a very competent speaker and deserves the best electronics you can afford. Ideally a tube amp with guts, the 19's woofers like to have some current or they'll sound loose and tubby.
I know Shindo mates well with the Valencia 846A, which is the 16 ohm version. I can't speak for 19's. I do know someone who had 19's and Shindo, but I'm not sure if it was at the same time.