altec Model 19’s and ss integrated

Hello all,

Recently acquired a mint pair of altec model 19’s. I’m looking for a ss integrated to power them. I already have a fully restored Sansui 1000a tube receiver hooked up to them but I want to move that elsewhere and use a more modern ss integrated. I’ve been looking at modwright, McIntosh and Hegel. I only own old vintage equipment and I would love to try out a nice modern integrated that would jive well with the altecs.

Thanks in advance. 
Congrats on the 19s. I have a pair that I'm currently driving with a VTA ST70. I know you're looking for a SS integrated and I totally get it. I'm just suggesting quality over quantity. You have the freedom to get any size amp you like.

The last SS amp I used with these was a NAD C372 but that was overkill for the Altecs, anything over 70 watts is overkill for the 19s and they weren't that great a match. Pass has some smaller integrated units like the Int-30A and 60A that would probably fit the bill and used are kind of reasonable.

Just a thought...
Hmmm- I'm using a 300B Parallel SET with my Valencia's. Maybe Linear Tube Audio. I believe they are David Berning designs. 
Croft Phono Integrated. Plenty of power but not overkill. It's a hybrid with tubes in the input section. Output stage is Mosfets.