Alternative to JRiver for PS Audio PWD II with bridge and Mac Mini

I am still trying to get the simplest Mac mini music server to feed the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC II with bridge. I don't like JRiver. Do I have any better player options that will work?  I will need one with a well designed iOS remote control app to control the music via iPhone or iPad as I will not have a display connected to the Mac mini regularly.
Not sure about the bridge but I know Roon is operating on a lot of Macs/PsAudio Dacs.

Hi Mark,

I have been using Roon for sometime and have enough experience with jRiver to understand its issues, in particular with its busy interface.

Roon does not support DLNA, which would be the protocol required to send audio files over ethernet to PS Audio Bridge. Roon's engineers state that DLNA does not allow the endpoint to control its own clock, something they claim will make it less than ideal for streaming audio to your DAC. They just released their own protocol and have a number of manufactures supporting it. Their protocol is RAAT and its more friendly name for it, Roon Speakers.

The SDK was recently released and Paul McGowan has noted they are looking to support it on the Bridge II, but need to determine if they will have the space needed. If not, I would expect future products to include support and it could be possible that backward compatible products may be produced if demanded.

Roon has an iPad application and it works very well, but either an Air or Pro size is recommended as the interface is highly graphical. Its identical to its desktop interface, which was designed with touch panels from beginning. They are likely working towards an app for the iPhone, but the interface would require a redesign and they put an effort to provide a clean and clear UI. At the moment its a matter of resources and RoonSpeakers is getting most of the attention now.

Roon is vastly different than any music library management app you have ever seen. The key behind it is metadata and the breadth of knowledge it brings to your library. Compared to jRiver, it will seem highly inflexible, but I personally enjoy its simplicity as I deal with complex system daily and could use with one less.

If you have any questions, please let me know and I answer the best I can.
The only way to use Roon with the PWD is with a USB cable from your computer.  Roon will not work with the PS Audio Bridge.  There is some discussion about this on the PS Audio forums

Have a look here


I just signed the petition "Bring together Roon & PS Audio Bridge II" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:

This is the letter on the petition that is addressed to PS Audio’s Paul McGowan and Roon’s Brian Luczkiewicz

Many of us own PS Audio PerfectWave DAC products. The PS Audio Network Bridge allows the PerfectWave DAC to operate at its fullest potential, and that potential is a force to be reckoned with! For many of you, I am preaching to the choir. This DAC & network enabled Bridge is one of the best available on the market.
Roon is simply the most impressive music management software that I have ever seen, and I think I have seen them all! It is beautifully designed so the experience of listening to music is enhanced while using it, rather than countless other programs that are a tedious distraction. Roon is not overcomplicated, yet it allows us to correctly configure the precise controls that a proper hi-fi DAC such as the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC requires.
For those of you who are Roon users, I urge you to check out the PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. For the PS Audio owners, you MUST download the trial to Roon right away! It will change your life!
This petition is to show support to the good people at Roon & PS Audio. They are already working together to try to figure out how to integrate Roon & the PS Audio Bridge, so this petition is to help them give the project some steam and get it done! Please sign this and forward it to any Roon or PS Audio user that you feel is appropriate. The more support we demonstrate may just push this past the tipping point!