alternative to speaker stand spikes?

I am looking for an alternative to spikes for my stands. I have wood floors that I do not want any scratches on at all.
Another inexpensive alternative is to take one of your spikes to the local hardware store and purchase hex bolts or carriage type bolts with same thread dimensions. You can then attach a protective pad if desired. These can be securely fastened to the speakers with the provided nuts. If nuts aren't provided you can purchase them at hardware store. Total cost should be less than $10.
This has worked well for me and my wood floors. I've suggested this several times and am curious if anyone has tried it.
I use and also sell granite slabs for speakers. Although, not the cheapest fix out there, they offer sonic benefits of deeper tighter bass and better soundstage. You can use your spikes but they cannot come in contact with the granite or the midrange might become matalic (I use and would supply custome wood spacers. Now if you are thrifty, I have been told that hockey pucks work just fine on their own (between spikes and wood floor) Good luck
Audiopoints make "Coupling Discs" which protect the floors and other surfaces from the points on spikes.
Twl should also mention he works for the company that sells Audiopoints don't you think?
Check out the coupling discs sold by Adon on Audiogon. They are identical from both a material and construction standpoint to Audiopoints only much less expensive as they are made outside the US. NO SONIC DIFFERENCE at 1/4 the price.