Alternatives to Klipsch Forte II

I've had so many recommendations for the Forte II. I've never really owned a good pair of speakers, and thus don't know much about them. I like the Klipsch sound and have been seeking this out as a good, budget friendly, versatile speaker that doesn't require a sub.

Can anyone recommend something comparable in the sub $1000 range that will function well without a bass in a home theater setup for music/movies?
Klipsch Cornwall -A major step up from the Forte in bass and imaging- Can be had for a song used-Slightly large cabinet for HT though -Hard to beat at current price point!
Also put on your short list:
Chorus II (bigger brother to the Forte II)
KLF-20 or 30

Any of these will give you plenty of bass.
If you like Klipsch-be sure to check out the mods/cross-overs available from Bob Crites (google it).
Forgot to mention that my room is pretty small. I don't have room for a surround setup or anything, and the cornwalls might be too big.

I guess this raises the question of room acoustics. The way I have it set up now, the far wall is only about 12 feet from the speakers, with much more room on the width. Also, they'll be on hardwood floors. How should this impact my decision?