Alternatives to Klipsch Forte II

I've had so many recommendations for the Forte II. I've never really owned a good pair of speakers, and thus don't know much about them. I like the Klipsch sound and have been seeking this out as a good, budget friendly, versatile speaker that doesn't require a sub.

Can anyone recommend something comparable in the sub $1000 range that will function well without a bass in a home theater setup for music/movies?
Have to agree on the KLF20's or 30's - my son had the 20's and now has the 30's. Personally I think the 30's are too much for his room. Also I am far from a Klipsch lover but my son loves loud and in your face. That being said I still recommend both of those speakers for someone starting out AND listening at moderate levels. At high levels I personally think all Klipsch are extremely fatiguing. Just a lot of speaker for little money when you keep the levels low to moderate.
Since you have a smaller room, you should then consider the Forte I and Chorus I, which are both front-ported. You might also consider the KLF-10, as it has a smaller footprint.

Ther Heresy is a solid recommendation as well.
I have the Forte II's with the excellent Bob Crites upgrades - diaphragms and crossovers. Mine are not bright in my room with my tube gear. Putting them close to the wall and especially in corners really loads the room with bass and makes them sound fuller, something I like. I also supplement with a subwoofer. With high-efficiency horn speakers you need to think about how much gain your system has. My preamp has a very good volume control and it makes all the difference for quiet listening. IMO they are very dynamic and realistic with the right upstream components. Most vintage Klipsch are affordable relative to audiophile stuff, and horns in general are amenable to DIY.
Hmm I could potentially rearrange my room if I find some Forte II. I really just want to give them a shot, I've heard such good things. But I'll keep my eyes peeled for the heresy and KLF 10s as well. I currently have some non-descript Sony receiver/cd player that I plan on upgrading after I get some speakers. Any recommendations on affordable electronics to pair with any of these suggestions?

And I'll ask again what impact hard wood floors have on these speakers. I live in a 3rd floor apt and am concerned about the sound carrying downstairs, though the apt has thus far proved pretty sound proof.