Alternatives to speaker spikes?

I have a pair of Paradigm Reference 100's with spikes at the bottom. I'm moving into a newly built apartment with beautiful hardwood floors. What can I do to prevent ruining the floor?
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I don't have a customized listening room, but I've tried pennies under the protects the floor, and I didn't notice any problems. I don't know where I heard about it, but it's been mentioned in several hi-fi mags.
Walker Audio makes brass discs, filled with lead that not only protect the floor, they often sound better. And, Sound Anchor makes hard "chrome" discs, with a kevlar pad on the bottom, it's as soft as a rug, and yet highly resistant to compression. The suggestion about the pennies is correct too. You could begin with them, and continue the experiment, if need, after you become accustomed to your new room.
The Absolute Sound ran a review using Vibrapods under speakers with excellent results(Von Schweikerts).Also had similar reviews. I haven't tried them under speakers but they seem to offer some benefit under other components.