Altis Audio Reference Manual

Fellow goners,

I'm wondering if anyone out there has an owner's manual for an Altis Audio Reference DAC. I just bought one from a guy and he had lost the manual.

BTW, if you ever run across one of these DACs at a reasonable price, grab it quick. After I got mine, there was no question that I'd soon be selling my TriVista 21 DAC (which I did). The altis was world's apart.

Thanks in advance.
I have one if you just bought the non tube version. Email me your fax number and will get it out to you. Regards John
I have found my copy of the manual. Took a while. I have the 4V tube version w/ 4 12AU7s. There was also a 2V version with 2 12AX7s. I also have three reviews which provide some additional info about the DAC. I have had mine for about 6-7 years. I still enjoy it. Unfortunately, the owner and engineer, Howard Mandel, for Altis Audio died back, I believe, in 2002 from leukemia.

The manual and reviews are hardcopy. If you will send me your fax number I can get them to you or your address and I will mail it.

By the way, the Altis CDT-III is a great transport and matches well with the DAC.