Always long for (upgraded) first love: Sonic Frontiers Line 3

I wonder where I can get a decent condition Line 3 and is it worth it compared to preowned newer ones at the same price range. About twenty years ago, I had my first tube preamp which was SF SFL-2/Krell combo and I loved the combination. It’s just the overengineered, neutral (to me), and transparent sound and clean design that I like about it.
Sure, I love the CAT preamp which has similar sonic characteristics (IMO) very very much and can find them in good condition every now and then but then again it was a first love thing with SF....
I only wonder how do updated Line 3's sound quality compared to modern tube preamp since I have not listened to new tube preamp in years.
@goldeneardoc, as a former owner of a Line 3 who then had it upgraded all the way to the SE plus status, plus I rolled countless number of tubes in all positions, the Line 3 retains it original character as you follow the upgrade path as a very very neutral preamp.  No one has ever described the Line series of preamps as lush.  If anything they are closer to a SS sound than tube.  

I tried everything to get the Line 3 sound right in my system.  It was a frustrating process which resulted in me selling it. Imho, there are countless number of modern preamp that better the Line 3 based on my listening preference.  YMMV, good luck. 
+1 to BRF's comments.  I also owned a Line 3 with SE+ and Dueland copper foil caps installed as well (they barely fit).  pcX and I coined it the 'Platinum Plus' Line 3 :-).  Still retains the 'too neutral' sound- bass is decent, but missing the organic qualities of top quality competitors.  IMHO, the volume control is a major problem, and is digital-relay in design- likely as a cost-saving design parameter- too bad.  I sold it and won't go back- my current BAT Rex kills it in every parameter.  **However, all this being said, for the price, if you want a fully balanced, quiet and neutral-sounding pre, it's tough to beat.
I appreciate both of your comments as previous owners who underwent the upgrade path. I do love the sound that is neutral and details but I enjoy the sparkles and organic sound of tube. Line 3 is really for my fond memory of SFL-2/Krell KSA 150 combo twenty years ago. My current amp is musical fidelity KW550 integrated amp with RCA red base tube which sounds fine to me. I have been interested in BAT Sex as well. You guys probably save me from upgrading Line 3 which is going to cost a bit. 
I recently acquired a pair of single ended triode 300b/805 monoblock from a small company called TS Audio inThailand during my visit there. Although the finish is at best a nice DIY quality, the sound however is very nice, better than Cary 805 that I listened to so I figure Line 3 would be quite fun to play with this thing.
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