AM/FM set up for office

I work in an large office building where the reception is not so good. Would like to get suggestions for something ??? that accommodates AM/FM selection via memory presets.
Should have headphone jack with volume control. Speakers not required. Ideally this unit would be some what compact but have strong reception and decent sound quality. External antena could assist if unit accommodates this.
Note, prefer not to spend additional money for XM/Sirus.
Linn Classic music. Magnum Dynalab ST-2 indoor outdoor ant. Plays CD's too, has clock, and alarm clock and much more. Good luck.
Although Music Hall once had their name on these the Sangean is the same model. It has impressive sound (better than Tivoli's) and a very good tuner,aux input & headphone jack (stereo). For the price it's a steal.