Am I Better Off With Limited Low Frequency Speaker In A Small Room?

In my 12'x12'x11' room, am I better off with limited low frequency speakers, such as those which only extend down to 40-50hz, or will the mere introduction of a speaker that extends down to 35hz be potential for trouble (The extent of my knowledge is that lower frequencies need larger spaces to truly breathe, and the wavelength goes up exponentially). My listening space is my living room, and there's not a lot of space for room treament. I'm auditioning a single GIK Soffit bass trap. I'm not sure how much it will help. 


I expect most audio salons don't have a clue how to set up properly.


If that were my room, I'd certainly go with a great pair of bookshelf speakers.....and if you find later you need more bass, then you can add a small sub. My first thought would be to find speakers that are comfortable being placed nearer the the wall behind them.....acoustic suspension, front ported, or passive radiators.

I have not done it, but Dirac Live might be of help as well.....I  think Mini DSP has some add on devices?

Omega CAMs and an SVS SB2000 pro sub in my 12 x11.5 room with absorption behind the speakers. Couldn't be happier with the sound. There is an obvious hump in the 40hz range but really it works well with the Omegas. Small square rooms suck but with lots of work you can get there. My room is still a work in progress but damn I love it! 

My room is smaller than yours, I had massive ( walls shaking furniture vibrating, speakers in sympathetic coupling) bass problems until I added two subwoofers. I now use these two with Audio Physic floor standers. The problems have disappeared and the sound and balance is fantastic. Soundstage and depth is exceptional. I use a MiniDSP with bass cut to the main speakers at 60Hz, and the room bass node frequencies cut. Very against putting DSP in my system, problem is it works. Benefits of a better controlled bass are obvious however the main speakers are much less stressed, the subs do the hard lifting and I can place them to best advantage.  I have a tube hybrid power amp that works in Class A up to 10 watts.  I doubt if, in this configuration, it every puts out more than 1 watt. 

I only use DSP in my car audio, but in this case I strongly agree.  I think you either use DSP or forget it and save a bunch of money by going for some of the highest end stereo Bluetooth speakers in there.