Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?

Hi Everyone,


I hope you're all doing well!  I am looking for a little advice or input and see if others have experienced this, or am I broken?


First, I want to say I am a Wilson fan boy.  Love 'em, hate 'em, whatever, but I love their speakers.  I will also fully admit that I've been in love the with the idea of owning Wilson's since I was a teenager.  Well, about a year ago things worked out - I had the money and we moved into a house (from a condo) - so I auditioned a few different speakers but the Wilson's were what ended up being my choice, specifically SabrinaX's.  I LOOOOVE them.  I drive them with an RME ADI-2 DAC into a Luxman L-509X.  To me, it sounds fantastic.  What one reviewer said about the Sabrina's is what I feel most accurately expresses how I feel about them.  It was something along the lines of, "I enjoy every moment I spend listening to the Sabrina's and think about listening to them every moment I am not listening to them."  


But the Sabrina's have one flaw.  They aren't Sasha's, or really, WATT/Puppies as those were the speakers my young self always wanted.  But I wrote off the Sasha's at the time because they were more money, and are MUCH bigger.  Life was good.


But then my dealer had a Wilson event and I met the one and only Peter McGrath.  What cool dude.  Anyway, I mentioned to him my love for Sasha's and he fired back that the DAW's were going to be soon replaced that my dealer could probably work out a pretty sweet deal on a pair. 


My dealer auditioned the DAW's for me with a pretty modest (relatively speaking) amp, at my request.  A Hegel H120 using the internal DAC/Streamer.  Well, the DAW's easily blew my Sabrina's out of the water here.  The imaging was far, far sharper, bigger deeper, taller stage, far more detailed, actual SLAMM and the dynamics...  Oh brother, the dynamics....


So here's the thing, my dealer is amazing just doesn't know how to say "no" so he's offered me a smookin' good deal on a trade in for my Sabrina's for the Sasha's.  I can very comfortably afford to do the swap.  My wife is fine with the size/looks of the DAW's.  Everything is a go!  But...  But I come home and listen to my Sabrina's and think, "This is friggin amazing!" and so I am left not pulling the trigger.  I'm actually happy with the sound, despite knowing that there is better.


The other side of this is that I used to want to pursue a better amp/DAC for my Sabrina's but now I don't really.  After having heard the DAW's I know the Sabrina's will never reach that level, regardless of gear.  So spending on a amp/DAC seems silly when, if I am going to spend the money, I know I should just get the DAW's as that will offer a greater improvement.

It's like I've stale mated myself!  

I don't want to change my Sabrina's because they sound so good.  But the DAW's do sound better.  But I am happy with the Sabrina's!  And so the circle goes...

So am I broken?  Am I to be stripped of my audiophile card?  Has anyone else experienced this where they can fully acknowledge that there is better than what they have, but still not have the motivation to make the leap?  Or maybe I'm just being cheap (I do also want to support my dealer because he's amazing)?

Maybe I'm alone here in how I feel.  But I suspect there are a few audio-friends who may understand.

Happy listening,




@bigfatpaulie what size is your room? The reason I ask is the Sabrina is more room agnostic than the Sasha. Too small and the Sasha's may not even sound as good as your Sabrinas.

It sounds to me like you haven’t finished your experience with the Sasha’s yet. You are being pulled due to the opportunity and the savings on a future upgrade. While the urge to upgrade will always be there, the urge to ‘downgrade’ - or ‘holdgrade’? - is unusual and deserves some attention. Maybe the only feeling worse than what could have been is what you had but let go. I’m guessing if you talked to the dealer he would hold the deal for a while. It couldn’t hurt to find out how long.  

I have a pair of Sabrina sans X . I retired then sold my car 😆 and still bought them pre-owned. Love them. Sure I'd love the DAW or even the Vs. the Sabrina construction is very different from the larger models via separate compartments. If you have positive WAF quick , get em before she changes her mind 😆. Happy listening 🎶

OP, You say you’re happy with the Sabrina’s. To me you sound like a man who knows what he likes. I think @onhwy61 Barcelona idea is a good one. ;-)

If your system sounds great to you now then that might be a sign to just enjoy it. You can always upgrade later.