Am I crazy????? Try THIS

So my friend needs stands for his book shelf speakers. We can't find any in my little town. I had an idea, HANG THEM!!! They sound so much better. Why? Before you get crazy we didn't have to drill the cabinets or anything we just built a "harness" of sorts. It looks somewhat different, but for about $11.75 we hung both his speakers with braided wire and some eye screws etc. And they sound better to me. Anyone done this?

Well...i have to tell you; you had me doubting my memory, so i call my friend that was with me at the time when we seen the 901's and he remembers the same thing. It surprised us both and we looked at each other. He recalls the music; it was used in the movie Close Incounters of the Third Kind, where there is silence and then a powerful VAAROMMM. This made them move about 1/2" or so. They were hanging high, maybe 2ft. from the ceiling and 2ft. from the side wall and back wall. I attest, they moved.
Didn't Newton say that "for every action there is a reaction"? The issue isn't whether or not something moves, however imperceptively, its whether or not the movement makes a difference, sonically speaking. IMHO any differences caused by tiny movements would be swamped by other issues such a reverb in the room from the loud sounds which would be the result of the woofer cones excursions needed to cause the substative movement in the first place, etc. All the pro's and con's on these issues makes for some interesting speculation and a lot of testimonials, but beyond the issues of proper isolation from other surfaces, I really think they have little merit in the real world! Now hows that for a pile of crap!
Newbee...Yes that's what Newton said, but he also explained how to calculate how much that reaction would be. We agree that other effects swamp speaker movement, if any.
the fact that my dogs can't physicaly pee on my speakers is enough for me, not that they would. young children cannot comprehend the importance of our highly valued speakers.

now i have seen a speaker box thrown back and forth like a rag doll. high grade sudwoofer in a cheep technics 3 way box hooked to carver tfm15 that was in mono config, and the box was on the ground. so i am sure it is possable. i just havent seen it in a stock speaker.
the fact i have not seen the sp move do not mean it is not moving, it is moving back and forth in oppsite direction of the woofer. the mass of the air being moved in relation to the mass of all non moving parts of the speaker will determine how much along with a bunch of other factors, musical input would play a big part. with the right imput you could have them swinging back and forth with ease.