Am I crazy????? Try THIS

So my friend needs stands for his book shelf speakers. We can't find any in my little town. I had an idea, HANG THEM!!! They sound so much better. Why? Before you get crazy we didn't have to drill the cabinets or anything we just built a "harness" of sorts. It looks somewhat different, but for about $11.75 we hung both his speakers with braided wire and some eye screws etc. And they sound better to me. Anyone done this?

try to push a boulder. It doesn't move because the boulder push backed absorbing the energy.
goog point, Gregadd. so it is possable the speaker does not move at all.

most speakers are kind of tough to hang and make look nice without using a drill. the outriggers on my nht2.5i should make a good platform for hanging upsidedown. i might be able to find an I-bolt that will screw directly into the threded holes the outriggers use. the grills will install upsidedown to keep the name upright, without changing preformance. i can then put my sub directly underneath one of them, killing 2 birds with one footprint.
As I said, some people will continue to believe that music will set suspended speakers swinging, until they actually try it. Of course (unless you use three chains) they can swing if you get them started some other way, like a room fan.
There is a post or two on this thread that suggested that a speaker could not be moved by music, at least not in a way that could be seen by an observer and i just though i would post what i have seen; that's all. If any read anything more then that in my post, then it is your head, not mine. I have never seen speakers move since then. The 901's have a lot of drivers for there cabinet size, perhaps this why they able to moved so much from this burst of sound, maybe the canon shots in Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture would do the same thing: i don't know. I don't think music could be found that would have the right timeing in pumping action to match your speakers mass that would get then swinging more and more like a child on a swing. I must say, that there is some music that moves me.