Am I dreaming?

Ok, I have been building great sounding systems for about 40 years.  Some were modest cost a few were built with some very expensive exclusuve high end brands but all of them were very musical  and enjoyable to listen to.  I have just retired this January and I would like simplfy my system so I am looking for a quality integrated.  However this integrated must have a quality mc phono section and a very high quality built in headphone amp. SS or tube doesn't really matter.  Budget will be determined if there is a acceptable product.  Does this product exist? 
Seeing "once you have mac, you never go back" mentioned a few times in one thread, one cannot but wonder if it is better never to have one. It leaves the door open instead of closing it forever.

It does not say why people do not leave McIntosh. Sound must be acceptable, but so are many many more and it is hard to imagine that none of them is ever worth switching to. Maybe something along the lines of the other MacIntosh fan-club. Looks? Coolness factor?

Be it what it is, it seems like a candidate for your requirements.