Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?

I am not rich. I am college student that doesnt have a ton of money and love music. It all started years ago with and the purchase of the Onix SP3/Reference 1 combo. Over the years, I have loved the combo but wanted to move into a more dynamic full range speaker... Years went by and as the Gallos came out, there was something about the design that just sucked me in, making me really want a pair. The problem was, they were just waaaay too expensive. Well, times have changed and I now have the money to finally get my hands on a pair for under 2k. My question is... is it too late? Are they outdated? Is there "something better" for the money now?
Depends on if you've heard them, the condition, room acoustics, setup, gear, etc. No one can truly answer what you'll regret and won't regret. With that being said...

Just because Gallo released an upgraded version doesn't make the 3.1 sound any worse than it did the day before the 3.5 was released. The 3.1 was and still is a great speaker. If you buy a 3.1, it'll be a great speaker until it breaks. That is of course if you like the speaker.

If you've heard the 3.1 and really liked them, I doubt you'll regret buying them. Unless of course they don't pair up well with your gear and/or room.

I think the only time something is truly outdated is when either everything currently on the market sounds better for equal money or the technology is obsolete (ie VHS).
Thanks for the help, I have never heard any of the Gallos, there isnt a place in town that has them so there is no way to listen to them without buying them.

My room is very small, 10ftx9ft.

My setup is the Logitech Squeezebox > Onix SP3 36watt/channel tube integrated amp.

I think you will need more power than your Onyx SP3 to drive and control the sealed woofer in the 3.1. Also, from my experience with the Gallos, your room is going to be too small. You need to be further away from them in order to get the soundstage height correct, or you might have to raise them up on some taller plinths/stands.
I am planning on raising them up a foot or so with concrete blocks. I am also planning on a classdaudio amp with the dodd audio buffer as soon as I recoup the funds from the speaker purchase (1 step at a time)
You gotta go by your ears, not your eyes, if you are going to be happy in this hobby. Resist... when on a budget you will get much more for your buck going for higher efficiency speakers... quality watts are sum squared....... in dollars