Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?

I am not rich. I am college student that doesnt have a ton of money and love music. It all started years ago with and the purchase of the Onix SP3/Reference 1 combo. Over the years, I have loved the combo but wanted to move into a more dynamic full range speaker... Years went by and as the Gallos came out, there was something about the design that just sucked me in, making me really want a pair. The problem was, they were just waaaay too expensive. Well, times have changed and I now have the money to finally get my hands on a pair for under 2k. My question is... is it too late? Are they outdated? Is there "something better" for the money now?
You gotta go by your ears, not your eyes, if you are going to be happy in this hobby. Resist... when on a budget you will get much more for your buck going for higher efficiency speakers... quality watts are sum squared....... in dollars
It doesnt seem all that out of reach to power the Gallos, those classdaudio amps are getting a lot of attention and can be had under $600.
Your room(10x9)is to small for the Gallo. If your not against a monitor give the Lehmann Audio ML1(used) a serious look.
Im curious as to why you think its too small? Is there some place out there that indicates this or is that just your opinion? Not trying to be argumentative, just curious.

No, I dont want a monitor, I want a full range speaker so the ML1 is not going to cut it.
Search the virtual systems that are using the Gallo speakers and you will see that your room is too small and you will experience boundary issues and uneven bass response. Take heed of the recommendations offered here.

You really should try to get out and listen to some speakers. Even if you have to make a day of it and travel some distance. Call the dealers ahead of time so that you can maximize your time with them and what you are looking at. Take your own music as well. Keep an open mind!

Are there any audio clubs in your area? Zip Code?