Am I harming my amp?


I'm using the Kitsune Holosprings 3 and the Luxman L-507z via XLR cable. The DAC output is 5.8 volts and the Luxman accepts max 6 volts into the XLR connection PCM. Am I in danger over overdriving the amp? Ive done A/B testing using an RCA cable also. Output is lower but isnt as bass heavy as with the XLR . RCA DAC output is 2.9 volts.  Am I losing any quality using the RCA. The run is 3 feet or so. 


Misplaced worry in that the balanced connection will over drive my amp? Or that the 5.8-2.9volt doesnt matter sound quality wise?  


Inputs can usually handle some voltage overload without damage, especially if that overload is < 20V.  It's the output levels that can overload the amplifier, and speakers. 

In this case it sounds like your DAC is 0.2V less than the maximum input, so all should be well.  Assuming you input 6.5 V, the signal would clip (distort), but so long as your integrated's volume control is down that will sound bad, but not damage anything.

No worries,

As long as you don’t try for concert hall levels, (think Black Sabbath) you will be just fine. The same applies for the RCA input.

All the best.