Am I harming my amp?


I'm using the Kitsune Holosprings 3 and the Luxman L-507z via XLR cable. The DAC output is 5.8 volts and the Luxman accepts max 6 volts into the XLR connection PCM. Am I in danger over overdriving the amp? Ive done A/B testing using an RCA cable also. Output is lower but isnt as bass heavy as with the XLR . RCA DAC output is 2.9 volts.  Am I losing any quality using the RCA. The run is 3 feet or so. 


No worries,

As long as you don’t try for concert hall levels, (think Black Sabbath) you will be just fine. The same applies for the RCA input.

All the best.

@paqua123 I have an Audio Holo May KTE and had the same concerns when I bought it. I've used it directly into my RAAL Requisite VM-1a headphone amp with balanced connections and am also using it in a Holo Audio Serene KTE preamp the same way with zero problems. Everything sounds amazing! no overloads at all.

What im using is a HifiRose RS250a streamer into a kitsune holoaudio spring 3 DAC via USB then to the Luxman L-507z via balanced cables..then out to Klipsch Cornwall IVs. So far so good !