Am I in the minority?

I was perusing some older posts today about computer audio and one that got me thinking was, "Once you go the computer audio route, you'll never want to listen to a CD player again." I've tried using only a computer as my transport into a USB DAC, and while it sounded great, I found I wasn't listening to digital music as much as when I had a CD player. For me, I actually enjoy selecting a CD from the rack, placing it on the tray, and watching the display read "Track 1". Unlike some I don't mind getting off the couch to replace the CD with another when it's done. That's one of the reason why vinyl is a better medium for me, also. I like watching the record spin as the tonearm is being lowered. Am I the only one who feels this way?
I get my "physical fix" from CDs and vinyl and my music listening from the computer files. I enjoy the physical sense of putting a disc into the CDP and an album on the turntable, but also the immediate satisfaction of cueing up an album via computer. With the right DAC the music just flows and it is worry-free. Choose your pleasure.
I get the whole physical media thing. I converted to discless playback about 2 years ago. My CDP collected dust for almost the entire year and a half I had it before I sold it.

Why does everyone assume you'll never see or buy a CD again if they go the computer route? iTunes sucks, and hardly anything I listen to is available in high-res. Even if that wasn't the case, I'd still buy everything in disc form.

I have all my CDs ripped to an external hard drive. The CDs are in a few easy to get to boxes in the basement. When the mood strikes me to dig out the CD, no problem. However, that mood has struck me far less often than I thought it would. After the first few listens with the liner notes in my hand, I get passed it. Why, I don't know.

So I guess I'm saying that you don't have to give up physical media when going the computer route. I keep all mine in case of a hard drive failure.

And for the record (no pun intended), I really miss my vinyl. It's also in the basement, due to my current apartment's layout. We've been here a year, and hopefully we won't be here too much longer, not that it's a bad place at all.
I went through the same thing ... I ripped everything to harddrive some time ago. I kept my disc collection at first, just for backup. Then I noticed after a while I was no longer listening to albums ... just tracks. I got sort of burned out on music for a time and quit listening altogether and then somewhere along the way, I started playing CD's again. I was sort of “reborn” and shortly after bought a turntable. I have been buying vinyl solid for 9 months now and I am really enjoying the sound of my setup and ritual of playing an album. I find I listen to the whole album if I go through the hassle of setting it up. I still listen to the computer but mostly vinyl and CD's. Turns out; I really like the labor involved in listening to music. I discovered that I am clearly a CD and LP collector. I would never part with my collection. I guess it's similar to stamps and bottle caps. I honestly wish I had a small room just for media storage. I have some pretty rare stuff along with lots of old discs that have followed me since my college days. I enjoy looking through the collection and finding some lost gem - then queuing it up. It really does take me back – lots of old concert memories. I started sticking the ticket stubs in the CD’s some time ago and have at least a hundred mixed in. I always get comments when people look through the collection. Yet another reason to wander through the shelves.
So I guess you’re not alone
I guess some people like to go through "the Process" of starting their music. I agree a great TT setup is the way to go, but I enjoy having my entire CD collection a click away. With J River I can label my favorites as 5 stars and the player will shuffle play which I enjoy.

To each his own!!

I sold my vinyl years ago when I found a cdp I felt bettered the sound. Granted I didn't have a true high end analogue front end, but I wasn't willing to spend the money on it.
I grew up with vinyl but lost the appreciation of cueing up a record and watching the needle fall. Do miss the artwork of 12 inch lps.
About half of my cds are ripped to a hard drive which is connected to a Mac Mini. The convenience of this is amazing. For serious listening though, I go to the cdp. It sounds better and I can still get up and change cds.
To answer your last question, yes you are in the minority. And that minority is shrinking every day.