Am i missing something without a power conditioner?

I need your advice on power conditioners. I know there is alot talked about with power conditioners. But let me explain my situation and what i have. First and foremost i upgraded all my stock power cords. I am using and have a Krell FPB 600 amp with a Shunyata Research Sigma HC power cord. I am using and have an Audio Research Ref 6 preamp with a Shunyata King Cobra Helix CX power cord. And have a Rega ISIS cd player with a Shunyata Sigma digital power cord. I have 1 dedicated 20 amp line with a 4 plug 20 amp wall outlet that my amp and preamp plug into. My question is with these high quality power cords do i still need a power conditioner? 
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"... My question is with these high quality power cords do i still need a power conditioner?"

It depends on how stable your Power-Station source is, and what your 20 amp line connects to.

I'm in a condo. So I have to take neighbor usage into account, and thus have conditioners attached to anything electrical of perceived value. I have also learned to appreciate the inherent value of reference level Furman conditioners.

In addition, when I visit mom in CA, I can calibrate my watch every night at 6PM. This is when PG&E does some kind of relay swap that causes a brown-out. The lights dim and the UPS for her computer chirps. A dedicated line would make no difference here, because PG&E does what they do every night at 6PM.

That, and the point of the conditioner is to protect the equipment. I accept the slight decrease in sound quality to protect my gear. Your mileage may vary...
courant .  My power - station PSE&G is very stable. Very rarely will there even be a black out ,even in most severe storms. My 20 amp line connects to my breaker box. Also you say that there is a slight decrease in sound quality? Someone also said that putting a power conditioner on an amp is like putting a condom on it.