Am I wasting money on the theory of Bi-amping?

As a long time audiophile I'm finally able to bi-amp my setup. I'm using two identical amps in a vertical bi-amp configuration. 

Now me not fully understanding all of the ins/outs of internal speaker crossovers and what not. I've read quite a few people tell me that bi-amping like I'm doing whether it's vertical or horizontal bi-amping is a waste since there's really not a improvement because of how speaker manufacturers design the internal crossovers. 

Can anyone explain to a third grader how it's beneficial or if the naysayers are correct in the statement?


Phase: with ads 1230, only the ads 2000 biamp crossover  will work.

. This is because the internal and ads 2000 crossovers do something to the phase of the woofer . I used an external analog crossover and had some big holes in the freq response as evidenced by using an audessey rc equpped reciever .

I think the culprit was a woofer that was out of phase by 90 degrees.

I thought about triamping my Valkeryie speakers which scream to be triamped but to do it actively would require some serious surgery so I’ll likely “ dumb” Triamp thrm ( passive) and use an old av receiver .


@emergingsoul ....likely 'cause it's only a 'fringe' sort of thing that audioholics end up doing? ;)

It's the sort of thing that appeals to those that don't mind having the backsides of their rigs look like a incident in a pasta factory...😏

A amps and D amps together?!   Dogs 'n cats cohabitating?! OHmG....*LOL*

Likely the sort of thing I'll end up doing anyway....*S*

(...I'd keep the day job...mho, fwiw....amazing what flies these dayz....)

man you guys are still at it.

It works, so depends on your situation, if you can get a hold of it, try it. If you don’t hear the diff, sell it.

I have 4 AHB2 bi-amp on mono-mode to JBL 4367, which the crossover network is well built even its passive. Been building system for 20+ years, and first time ever, I do not foresee even the desire to make a change.


Now when you use an active crossover, an amp channel only has to manage a single driver. There's no passive, reactive component in between the amp and the loudspeaker driver. Then you don't need a megabuck amp to deal with it.

Indeed! It's amazing what you can get out of cheap amps when hooked up to speakers with an active crossover. With horn loading the problem is amp hiss gets highly amplified. For this reason I add a capacitor to my horn tweeters. It knocks the amp hiss down to below noticeable, helps with the EQ needed for constant directivity waveguides, and provides some protection for the tweeters. I'm not a purist.


I have 4 AHB2 bi-amp on mono-mode to JBL 4367

I have no doubt that sounds great. What differences do you notice if you just use a single AHb2 in stereo mode compared to all four in mono?