Am looking for a tech to work on my really old equipment AND

Have an ARC D-115 mk ii and an ARC SP 10 mk ii.  The pre works but could be looked over.  The amp works but has issues.  Am new to southern Delaware.  Anything near me?  Have used ARC for repairs before, but hear they are not doing the old tube stuff anymore.  Am willing to ship but could use some referrals...

AND ... was a former member of audiogon for many years -- early 2000s. In fact bought my sp 10 on the site. Know my old user name and email address at that time, but have forgotten my old password.  Would like to be 'me' again!  Suggestions on how to reach audiogon and work this out appreciated!
I'm in central Delaware.  I helped a friend find a tech to help him with a solid state Carver amp, vintage mid 1980's.  He repaired it and it works fine.  My buddy then took a circa 1950's, George Jetson stereo console to him to repair the turn table and a couple of odther things and he did exactly what was asked.'s an interesting operation and I first had reservations but he seems to be able to do the job! PM me and I can elaborate regarding my overall take on this establishment. 
I recently had some work done by Ben at High End Audio Repair in Brooklyn, NY. He is an ARC authorized repair tech, did great work at what I thought was very reasonable all things considered. You can look him up and give him a call, you can mention that he recently did work on a 5se pre for me.

If you do ship it, wrap it up & package it like they are going to throw if off a building, because that's how they treat them.  The next time I ship a piece of equipment it will be in a wooden crate.
Thank-you to Tammy for getting back to me about reopening my old account!
Thanks for the replies too - most helpful!
I guess I was wrong about ARC doing repairs - good news. Plus now know of two ARC certified repair shops thanks to a responses.
Shipping should be OK.  Have the original box the D-115 came in.  (All those years of carting it around from one attic to another...)
Still open to tech recommendations within a couple of hours of southern Delaware - would just rather drop it off and pick it up.  Given Covid 19 have time to spare until getting this work done, so no rush. 
Stay healthy and enjoy the music - a great way to shelter in place.
ARC would be glad to clean or repair Your gear. They even sent me a “how-to” change the crossover frequency on my ec-2 crossover.

Stay safe.