Amazing sound quality inexpensive earbuds

I'd like to share my experience with quality earbuds for my Galaxy S3. I read reviews of many headphones looking for something reasonable and when I almost pulled trigger on $150 Yamaha EPH-100 I found this review of LG Quadbeat SE (also known as HSS-F420): (a lot of earbuds reviewed there)

Just look how clean waterfall diagram is. I ordered them from that is Korean company located in Seoul. I got them within a week and am absolutely amazed with the sound not to mention that they costed me $21 ($29 with shipping). I used Paypal but they also accept credit card. Not only that sound is clean transparent and very, very dynamic with beautiful midrange, but also comfort is great. I ordered second pair for my wife and just got confirmation that it was shipped. Yamaha might be good as well but it is 16ohm - minimum recommended for S3. LG Quadbeat SE is 24 ohm. I also have AKG K271 mkII and this LG earbud is pretty close. Be sure it is SE version since they make another regular Quadbeats. SE version has red logo on the back of each earbud. I hope this might be of use to anybody looking for high quality earbuds.

Sounds similar to 3 pieces included with Klipsch s4.

The widest ones provide the most bass but become uncomfortable over time and tend to slip loose easily with me. BEst sound, not best fit.

The ones I use normally are not as wide and close to those sonically, save a tad of bass, but level is still good and way better than most standard earbuds. They also tend to seal fairly well and stay in my ear better.
I like the ones with the split and I have them seated nicely now. The first part of the split sits in the canal and the second part is a little bigger which seals the canal. I've never seen a design like this before but it works very well once I figured out how they fit my ear. They are pretty amazing for this price!
With stock attached pads (split pads) the sound was flat on bass, shrill on top, the small pads did not fit my ear well enough to really give much serious thought but sound was unremarkable. I even installed other pads that worked great on some Maxell buds that sound great for mowing on the tractor (low bar of performance but the blow away stock Apple buds). The large pads fit snug and just opened everything up, bass is great, mids are the sweetspot and highs after 30hrs are taming down a tad. The highs are not fatigueing but could be better.
For the price this is a case study in being way too critical IMO. Thanks a bunch for putting these buds on the radar, never would have discovered them without your help.
* I am not as of yet listeninv to these with any external pre or amp, I am purchasing a Fios. Cheers
I'm happy guys that you like them. I would hesitate to recommend anything more expensive because of my limited experience and issues of fitting etc.

Thanks to everybody for your response and opinion/evaluation.
I just posted my impression on head-fi:

I just got the LG Quadbeat Red version this past weekend. I've only burned in for about 10 hours and initial impressions indicate it's very very good for the $25 I paid. The HF is the best thing about these IEM's. Extremely clear, sparkly and non-fatiguing. The mids are not quite as good as the highs but that's just saying they are good and not excellent. Maybe they'll get better with more burn in. Bass is adequate - not boomy but not super tight either and highly dependent on a good fit. Soundstage is OK, not super wide or deep. So far, only listened with the default double flange tips which seem to work fine so far. Will try the others later. Also, the cable is a user-friendly flat design and exhibits some microphonics. As expected, since these are bundled 'phones, they are VERY easy to drive. Other earphones owned are Blox M2C & TM7 and Westone 4.