Amazing Upgrade for Oppo 93/103 and CA Players

There are plenty of modders who do full service on the Oppo players. But I have come across an amazing upgrade that can be done by anyone in 5 minutes.

Dr Lee Jaehong is based in South Korea and makes a replacement linear power supply for the Oppo and Cambridge Audio Blu-ray players.

You just take out the 5 screws for the old SMPS, and drop the new LPM in. Nothing difficult. I actually have a Cambridge Audio BD751, and the upgrade was pretty dramatic for audio and video, in every aspect.

Apparently many are saying this power supply in the Oppo103 takes it past the level of 105, and you get all round better video quality as a bonus.
You didn't say no financial interest etc yada yada.... that is usually followed by "just a happy customer." What are we to believe???
Can we please just park the word "AMAZING" by the side of the road and let somebody tow it away, especially when describing anything to do with electronics.
okay... amazing for the money, $280. I am getting much better sound from this linear power supply than the external DAC's I had of a similar price rnage such as the Bifrost and Audio-GD.

Mechans, I have no financial interest. This mob is based out of South Korea.
Faint heart n'e'r won fair maiden.

I voided my Oppo 103 warranty before I ever received the unit.
The linear power supply is 5 screws and some plugs. You can always.... ahem, swap the old power supply back in if you have to.
Agisthos, thanks for this! I find it amazing and amusing that the initial response of posters here was to snark and snipe.

I'll definitely consider this.

I can suggest another DIY mod, that works amazingly well:

Very easy to install, completely reversible, and a significant audio and video improvement for my Oppo 103.
Nice find Acostas, I just ordered one to try out.

I just hope its real Mundorf silver/gold wire. I have used that wire before to jump fuses and it works very well on the power side of things.
Thanks Agisthos and Acostas.
These mods seem pretty straightforward.
By the way, are you two the fourth and fifth Musketeers?

All the best,
Does anyone know if HongKong Basket makes the above mentioned IEC mod for an OPPO 83 SE?
I rather suspect it's not cost effective to stock parts or even take the time to evaluate mods for last year's models. The big push now is for OPPO 103 and 105.
Geoffkait makes a good point about the overhead associated with modding older Oppos. However, message the guy at HongKong basket. A genuine audiophile who seems to be eager to help and not just make a buck. We emailed a little about our systems.

Also, I ordered the mod kindly brought to our attention by Agisthos. That modder is really nice, too. I only use separate HDMI outs for video and audio, and I asked about the improvement. He claims the HDMI signal will in fact have the largest improvement.

I'll report back about my experience. He's saying 7-10 days shipping to Illinois from South Korea.
If you only use HDMI, then you can disconnect the power from the audio board and isolate it completely.
I E-mailed HongKong Basket and got a response saying the IEC kit that’s made for the Oppo 103's and 105's will also work in an Oppo 83 SE the only difference being the length of the wire leads for the 83 SE is a little shorter. The E-mail response said when ordering to mention the kit is for an 83 SE to prompt them to supply the shorted leads.

With all the tweaking I do with power cords, fuses and Quantum Chips, this mod seems like a no-brainer.
While we are listing tweaks, one that is very good is the Audio Magic Pulse Gen ZX. I got the idea from EVS (Tweak Audio) oppo mods page.

You connect it to your IEC terminals, it uses power to create some sort of ambient field that treats everything within a short distance, and works best in digital players and dac's. (anything with high frequency noise)

Using Dr Lee's LPM and the Pulse Gen ZX together, takes my Cambridge Audio player to a high level of refinement. Without these two tweaks I think this player has a fatiguing and harsh digital type sound.
I finally bit the bullet and got the Furutech IEC replacement with the upgraded Mundorf wire. Simple swap and play. Colors have more pop and there's no more moire effect in some of the Blu Rays that I've noticed before. It was always very minor but now it's gone. I also haven't seen any crush or blocking in the dark areas as well. Again, very minor and not with all Blu Rays but what little there was is now gone.

I keep thinking how could it be but it seems that OPPO, like all makes, builds to a price point and this was a very weak link. I passed on the upgraded power supply with the toroid due to what I've read about complaints on the heat build up. Even the power board supplier offers an upgraded version and mentions it emits less heat than the standard one. If I ever get the OPPO 4K 203 I might try out Clone Audio's power board replacement since FunJoe is very reputable with his Clones line of products and offers it as an accessory (I guess to help make ends meet). 
On another note, the upgraded IEC piece seems to be the same for the OPPO 203 should I go that route. But for now, I can't wait for Black Friday to see how it all looks on the LG OLED I'll be getting.

By the way, a great test Blu Ray is John Wick 2.

All the best,
Hi Agisthos,

You mention disconnecting the power from the audio board if using HDMI. Does this improve the sound quality, and are you able to provide any more detail on how to do this please?

I just found this forum while researching the Hong Kong Basket mod for the bdp-93 .. if that also provides a significant audio improvement through the HDMI output then I think I'll try it out too.

Thanks 🙂