Amazing Upgrade for Oppo 93/103 and CA Players

There are plenty of modders who do full service on the Oppo players. But I have come across an amazing upgrade that can be done by anyone in 5 minutes.

Dr Lee Jaehong is based in South Korea and makes a replacement linear power supply for the Oppo and Cambridge Audio Blu-ray players.

You just take out the 5 screws for the old SMPS, and drop the new LPM in. Nothing difficult. I actually have a Cambridge Audio BD751, and the upgrade was pretty dramatic for audio and video, in every aspect.

Apparently many are saying this power supply in the Oppo103 takes it past the level of 105, and you get all round better video quality as a bonus.
You didn't say no financial interest etc yada yada.... that is usually followed by "just a happy customer." What are we to believe???
Can we please just park the word "AMAZING" by the side of the road and let somebody tow it away, especially when describing anything to do with electronics.
okay... amazing for the money, $280. I am getting much better sound from this linear power supply than the external DAC's I had of a similar price rnage such as the Bifrost and Audio-GD.

Mechans, I have no financial interest. This mob is based out of South Korea.