I purchased and downloaded a Led Zeppelin song at 24/96 and the spectrum shows a brick wall filter at 20K like it is an upsampled redbook CD, it may be a 24/96 file but it is only about 5 Mb compared to the same song at 24/96 from HDtracks that is over 90 mB... In preferences I chose to buy and download at Ultra HD resolution. The Amazon file is also MP3.... something fishy at Amazon I think
Historically HDTracks is no ’true-resolution’ saint either, tho’ fishyness at their scale is/was small ... fry? compared to what A-zon is capable of. And they seem to have cleaned up their act several years ago, after some ’high-profile’ exposure of their antics.
I am a Prime member but this would be my first time with any service. I have a nice DAC but need the software/ hardware(??) between like Bluesound as I've read.....not sure how to link the service to my DAC. Don't want to use a computer or phone/ tablet. What are the units Amazon HD can work with?
Hope I explained that right.