I agree!  If you want to enjoy something more because you think it should sound better....it will.  Especially if a third party is telling you you should.  To ignore the power of the science of confirmation bias is naive. 
Has anybody figured out how to import a Spotify playlist into Amazon Unlimited?
Thanks in advance,
I have been a subscriber to Tidal Premium for the past couple of years, but decided to take the Amazon Music HD trial to compare; the price going forward has definitely piqued my interest. I stream via Sonos Connect.
So, I have run into issues with Amazon Music immediately with the first two albums that I have played:

Peter Gabriel “So”  - the track “Don’t Give Up” is not the original album track, but a live or alternate take on this song.

Djabe “Life Is A Journey”  - same issue, the opening track appears to be from the live album (Sardinia Tapes). 

Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but if not, has anyone else run into this issue?
I have found that even with the HD service, not all albums are lossless. There are still some MP3 quality recordings.

Sound quality for the HD and Ultra HD tracks is very good. But the interface when using Bluos on a Node is far behind Tidal.
I have been intrigued by the Amazon HD music service - and finally did get motivated to pay for streaming when Amazon entered the game. First impressions: sounds far better than the free services I have been tolerating for years. I have not run into a situation where I couldn't find something I was looking for. I do wish their playlists or recommendations were a bit more intelligent like Spotify, but I imagine things like this will get ironed out.

Does it sound better than Tidal or Qobuz? A challenge difficult to abx objectively without the right gear in place.    

My biggest gripe?  I can't use the android app to control the playback in hi-res formats ( per tech support ) when playing through AV gear... it only plays aac quality files. So if I want to hear hi-res in all its glory - you have to use the desktop app ( or a native app in a streamer ).  Or use the app with some headphones plugged in.

I am not sure this is the case with other services mobile apps.

So, my immediate work around was to use HEOS on my Marantz AV7704 - but honestly the HEOS app sucks balls -- BUT -- it does allow me to play back content in hi-res. At least it worked. I am hoping that bubbleupnp or something like it - gains support for the Amazon Music service.  There has got to be something better than HEOS.

I am eager to see if Roon or others will support Amazon Music integration - when that happens I think Tidal and others will be put on notice to up their game further.

The Amazon desktop app works, its stable - looks good, and is functional.

On a side note: What is the best way to connect my laptop/desktop to my preamp for streaming?... usb vs hdmi vs spdif?