Amazon Music HD-- Am I the only one who knows about this?

I am blown away by Amazon Music HD. 16/44 on everything, 24/96 on a whole bunch, and even a good amoun tof 24/192.  Can download locally for offline playback.  Windows desktop Exclusive Mode into my JNOG and I think I'm done!


Amazon HD doesn't quite sound as good as Qobuz but has so many titles that I canceled mu Qobuz and returned to AmazonHD. 

The biggest issue for me was getting AmazonHD on my main system,  they don't make it easy.  It isn't supported on a lot of streamers and there are some limitations unless you directly connect your PC / Mac to your DAC.  

Supposedly Volumio has obtained  the rights to the API  and will have an AmazonHD plugin soon but it will probably only be available on the the paid version like Qobuz and Tidal which  unlike Spotify which is supported on the free version.

Spotify HD if it ever really ever happens would be the ticket.


Download amazon hd to nas(ssd drives) then play with streamer integration?

Or save to a usb drive with ssd or nvme drives inside, then hook it up to the dac?

I get Amazon HD streamed through any of the Play-Fi streamers NP, (Klipsch Gate, Paradigm PW Link and Amp, Martin Logan Unifi and amp, Onkyo receiver, McIntosh MB 50, etc). It also works with alexa which means you can just say what song you want and don't even need to use the app.

I really wanted to like Amazon Music HD because it has a massive selection and was a good value. Unfortunately, in my experience I found sound quality to be noticeably inferior to Qobuz or even Tidal, so I cancelled.