Amazon music vs Qobuz

I’m currently using Qobuz for streaming music. Amazon music is considerably less than Qobuz but I’m wondering what the differences are. Amazon goes on and on about commercial free music. Which makes me wonder how much is commercial free. Qobuz is 100% commercial free. 


I'm actually in the same boat with the comparisons between the two services.  I've had Amazon Music HD for awhile now and really enjoy it.  However, when I purchased my new Bluesound Node (the newest version) last month, I was given a 60-day free trial of Qobuz.  So, I'm in the early stages of doing A - B testing between the two.  

If I had to choose RIGHT NOW, I'd probably go with Qobuz and pay the extra. However, on my junior league system -- it's not a slam dunk for Qobuz.  Both services sound really good on my set up, however, I do give the edge to Qobuz.

I will try to report back later when the 60-days is up.


I compared the 2 pretty extensively and I believe quobuz sounds SLIGHTLY better. The bigger issue for me is Amazon music has no support on Roon and the support on BluOS isn’t great either. Quobuz is supported by more streamers and is more user friendly than Amazon music on the streaming apps I have used.



You said "I use a windows based computer to stream through my Meitner DAC hard wired via Ethernet cable."


Can you explain in more detail? I assume the ethernet cable goes from your router to your dac which contains a streamer. Can the ethernet cable somehow go directly from your computer to your dac?


Maybe I wasn't too clear. My Windows based computer is my streamer.  USB from computer to DAC, and also Hardwired Ethernet connection from router to computer port.  I have NO noise that is audible to me, I bring laptop to my listening area on table and use my mouse to select all my listening preferences via Amazon HD or Qobuz.  Works and sounds GREAT. Hard for me to believe an actual streamer could sound better?  Hope this was a little better stated.


I used this method until about a year and a half ago. I did find adding a separate dedicated streamer fed by ethernet via a switch and optical cable lowered the noise noticeably in my set up. I stream Qobuz via Mconnect, but have not found a way of streaming Amazon Music through the streamer yet.