American Made Audio Products

I just came upon this and wondered if anyone else has seen this website. I try to support the home team when I can so this is interesting, at least as a resource, and not a sales tool. I apologize in advance if I’m late to the game on this but interesting to hear anyones thoughts, knowledge, etc. Thanks.


@darkj thank you for getting in on the conversation about you 😀 and your website!

I hope the group might have some questions for you. As I said I stumbled upon it, and you’ve now answered my question. I think it’s a great resource and I’m impressed to see how many companies are American. I did not think there were this many. I thank you again. 

@mglik As for adding companies, either have the company contact me  or provide the URL, the categories of products they sell, the location of the factory, and any relevant details.

As for those selling product built abroad, see my comment above regarding "Made in USA" vs. "Assembled in USA." Some companies meet those requirements for a few products, but not for others. While I make all reasonable efforts to point to the right companies, the intent is as a starting point. In the end, each individual buyer will need to determine whether a given company or product is right for them.


However, I believe you have listed companies that are actually distributors or importers. Boarder Patrol for example.






@mglik  I'm under the impression that their amps are made or assembled in the USA, while they import other gear, like Innuos. From their site: "In addition to building and supplying the BorderPatrol Amplifiers and DAC’s equipment we sell the excellent Innuos Music Servers and import and sell the widely acclaimed Living Voice Avatar series of loudspeakers." I've just sent an email to confirm.

You said the list was "very incomplete" What companies would you have me add? I can look into them.