American Made Audio Products

I just came upon this and wondered if anyone else has seen this website. I try to support the home team when I can so this is interesting, at least as a resource, and not a sales tool. I apologize in advance if I’m late to the game on this but interesting to hear anyones thoughts, knowledge, etc. Thanks.


Although out of business, I had a B&K AVR307 receiver for 20 years and it is still currently in use and working fine today. 150W x 7.

Designed, manufactured and shipped from Buffalo, NY. Just wanted to give this fine "All American" company its recognition... thanks!

Jim5559 - There may be some equivalent quality items made in Europe & Canada but better? Doubtful. Here's just a few brands that are amongst the very best available in their respective price ranges & American made:

Magico, YG Acoustics, Rockport, Basis, VPI. JBL, McIntosh, Krell, Mark Levinson, Rogers High Fidelity, Audio research, Conrad Johnson, Boulder, Parasound, Benchmark, Constellation, Dan D'Agostino, Pass Labs, Lamm Industries, PS ,  Audio, VAC Balanced Audio Technology, Ayre, Aesthetix, etc.

That's just a sampling. Of course very few companies can use only American made components but many of these come fairly close. 

@sc2 "You can add Tri-planar to the list…" 

Tri-planar makes no claims about country of origin. I see that they're based in Minneapolis, but not sure they have a factory there, or whether it's all made locally or parts are imported. 

@googoogjoob  "darkj, i only checked under DACS... they arent listed there. thanks." 

Thanks. The way the site works, I simply tag companies with the categories of products, and then they appear in that category. I had missed that they make DACs (and integrateds) and have updated them. LTA hasn't really been on my radar, but clearly should be. Nice looking stuff. 


Thanks for the info darkj!  Like you, I’m always buying from the hometown first, then slowly expanding my search nationally, then go north of the border or overseas when it’s necessary.  

im just now starting my search for a dedicated 2-channel receiver and looking at your list.

Does the metal, plastic and wood materials also have to come from the US in order for it to be Made In USA?



Guess my point is, who cares where it’s made? Everything is from everywhere now a days :) A product should succeed or fail based on its merits, not because of where it’s made.

@perkri - personally, the main reason I'd prefer a US-made product, all other things  of merit being equal, would be the ease in sending it back to the manufacturer for repair should that be necessary, as I live in the US. 



Im not against US made product by any stretch. In fact 90% of my gear is North American made. French CD player, 1959 restored/rebuilt Swiss turntable and a danish phono cartridge are the exceptions.

If I were to replace anything in my set up, I would be looking at whatever works the best for my needs first. If there are two pieces that are a toss up, I will always support local first.

There is a global competition for our $$$’s, and that competition is pretty stiff! 



@perkri - I never got the impression you were against US made product, and I agree with you! 👍

Guess my point is, who cares where it’s made? Everything is from everywhere now a days :) A product should succeed or fail based on its merits, not because of where it’s made.


@perkri There are a couple of answers in addition to the responses you’ve already seen. First, I guess a lot of people do because gets a lot of traffic, generally from people who were specifically searching for "american made... (speakers, amps, etc)."

As for me, first, I’m fascinated with every aspect of the gear I use, and like to know all the details that go into making my gear, including the factory and artisans or crafters who make it. Practically speaking, a lot of the reasons I spend my time and energy on the site are due to being local rather than specifically American. I think there’s a real convenience in being in the same country or region as the maker, both for access to dealers and to ongoing support. I’ve toured factories like PS Audio, Magico and Boulder electronics and it’s so cool to see the gear being made in front of my eyes. If you want that kind of connection with your gear, it’s good to be able to find makers near you. If I lived in Europe, for example, I might have published European Made Audio. That said, the best of what we make in America is indeed some of the very best in the world, and I’m happy to draw attention to these companies.

Now, if none of that means anything to you, then no worries.
¯_(ツ)_/¯ It’s a hobby for most of us, and we each engage with it on an individual level. You do you.

For those of us who are interested, for whatever reason, I hope that the site is a useful resource.



I think the list is a cool thing. Especially for the smaller, lesser known manufacturers. There is some amazing gear being produced by lesser know folks who need some online exposure to help their product be known by the consuming public. 

A lot of times, people who are all about only buying their own national brands, forget that if other countries were to do the same, US made gear would become even more expensive as the world is a lot bigger than the 350 or so million people who live in the US…

The only American Made Amps and pre-amps i use is Atma-Sphere and Classic Audio Loudspeakers Field Coils. Otherwise i prefer now EU or British made Stuff in general.


 Yes, they sure do a lot of their work right in Binghamton. All of it I would guess. Just for the record though, they do use some parts made in China. I'm not talking about resistors, capacitors etc. Heavier stuff like heat sinks, speaker parts etc. I know, I have delivered a great deal of these things to them. The shipping containers come from China to our warehouse and we deliver them.

 I'm not saying this is good or bad. I'm just being factual. Seems like both sides of the "Mac Debate" have some valid points.