Amp for AAD 2001s 86 dB ; Do I need more power?

So it's been quite a long time coming, but I was finally able to not only track down a pair of AAD 2001s, but also able to locate the dedicated stands on the used market. After only a few days and about 20 hours of listening under my belt I am very happy that I persisted in finding this setup.

There are enough reviews of these out there that I don't feel compelled to talk at length about the many virtues of this speaker, and I think that others have accurately described their character better than I could. One of the often sighted drawbacks of these speakers is the very low sensitivity of 86 dB. This has lead almost every reviewer to claim that these require at least 100 strong watts to come alive. I'm currently running them with a Bryston B60r, and although the Bryston needs to be cranked a little bit, it seems that even these 60 watts are getting a lot out of the AADs in terms of low-end and dynamic impact. Only on rare musical passages does it seem that there could be room for improved control of the low-end. I very much like the overall sound of the Bryston and am wondering if I am really missing out on that much by only giving them 60 watts. Does anyone who has used these or a similarly low sensitivity speaker before have any thoughts on the matter? Are there huge gains to be made by giving them more juice?

My room is 14' x 24' and I listen at loud but not concert hall levels.

A few of the integrated amps I was considering "upgrading" to if necessary are listed below.

Creek Destiny
DK Design
Bryston B100
McIntosh 6?00

The AADs have a little brightness or "tipped-up" character to them, so I wouldn't want an amp with similar attributes, which might result in harsh or fatiguing sound.

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I had the Platinum Audi0 Solos, which were also designed by Phil Jones and had similar sensitivity and specs. They were power hungry as hell and needed at least 130w/ch of good amplification-even my high quality 105w B&K AVR fell short.
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Thanks for all of your thoughts. It seems pretty clear that I would be much better off with an amplifier upgrade at some point in the future.

This brings up two more questions regarding the amplifier questions.

1) How serious is the risk of clipping to my speakers with the current amp? On a scale of let's say "you'll be fine at moderate levels for the time being" to "don't listen to anything until you upgrade". As I said previously, I had noticed that on some passages it sounded like the amp didn't have an iron grip on things, but I hadn't thought about clipping problems.

2) What are your thoughts on amps that would be a good replacement? I would lean towards integrated but am open to separates in the sub $1500 category.

-DK Design
-Aragon 8008
-Krell 400xi (not sure this would be a good match)
-Nad M3
-Rotel 1090
-Parasound A21

just a few that I've looked at.

Thanks in advance!