amp for B &W 801

bought new 801s. Was told I need a high power ss amp to run them well. True? Wanted to get tube monblocks instead. should I do tube or ss? What brands/models work best with my speaker?
i currently have 801 matrix 2's powered by bat vk-1000's. the sound and power is ultra smooth, liquid and powerful... balanced and never sloppy. i have the vk 40 pre and vkdg cd player also. i might look into biamping in the future with new 801n's.
B7W 801 series 3 r money sucking pigs because they need expensive gear to sound great as they r capable of. Go levinson if u have 801 series 2 or 3. if yours a nautalis krell or levison at least 200 watts unless you r going to use 20.6 mono blocks. They like expensive speaker cable also!!!!!!
Bryston 7Bs works good. Am going to experiment with just the 7B for low and uses Canary 301 for high. The Canary uses a quad of 300Bs and according to a few who had tried it, they stuck with it.
Make sure you audition the Wolcotts before purchasing. A great Amp but is a terrible match with Dunlavy 5's which have two 12 inch woofers. I am using Aloi's with inductive power which is awesome ss. Should be great with the 801's. I agree with bi-amping most speakers
I currently use a Threshold SA4E with my 801s with very good results. But would not look over the likes of Sim Audio W-5.