Amp for B&W 805 D3

I am considering acquiring a pair of B&W 805 D3 and in the light of this I’m in the process of due dilligencing what amp to choose. I am unfortunately not in the position where I have the luxury to test the various amps I have been recommended by the dealer.

To give you some background - I will mostly be listening via Tidal HD / Spotify / Amazon HD. I am looking to spend around $ 7000 - 10000 for the amp.


Hi, I mainly like the warm and detailed sound.
I usually listen to jazz and classical.
What do you think of the Hegel 390 or Krell K300i?
A friend of mine recommends the Luxman LX-380
Do you already have a preamp or you're looking for an integrated amplifier? If an integrated, I've heard those speakers paired with Mark Levinson No. 5805 and they sounded very good. All you need is a streamer, a good coax cable to utilize the ML internal DAC, and a pair of good speaker cables to build a wonderful (and compact) system.
thanks for the suggestion, I am looking for an integrated I will take it into account
I would check out the AVM A5.2.  The base unit lists at $5995 and you can add is a DAC (+$600) and Phono (+$600) via optional.  

This is a German brand that is more popular in the EU than it is here but is brilliant equipment.  The 5.2 has a proprietary tube made just for AVM in its input stage that is designed to last for 30,000.  This is not rollable, never really wears out, but gives the amp a touch of warmth that is perfect with speakers that are a hair forward like B&W.  Plenty of power to control the 805 D3s driver.

I am an AVM dealer but also sell forward speakers that compete very directly with those 805D3s.  PM if you are interested.