Amp for DefTech speakers for $1200 or less??

My speakers are:
DefTech BP-30s: Front L/R (bi-amped)
DefTech CLR-2002: Center (bi-wired)
DefTech BP2X: Surround L/R
DefTech SuperCube II

Useage: 50% music (2 channel, split between Vinyl and CD), 30% movies and 20% gaming.

Before I'm scolded for using DefTechs for music (lol) let me say that my salary (Air Force) and my home limit me to having a "jack-of-all-trades" system. I'm currently powering them with a Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi. Does anyone out there have any prior experience with DefTechs that enables them to recommend a 7 channel amp that complements them? I know an outboard amp will really let them sing.

FWIW: There's a new Adcom GFA-7607 on eBay for $599, but I've read Adcoms can be "too bright".

Thanks for your time!
How about a used Aragon 2007? That would be in your price range. Very good amp. My friend has one, and it's been reliable and sounds excellent. I've never heard it with Def Techs, so I can't comment there, but it does possess a nice, smooth sound on music, and on video, it can provide some big-time slam.

Oh, and BTW, anyone who says Def Techs aren't good for music isn't listening closely enough. I have the STSs, and they beat a pair of Vandy 3As and Von Schweikert VR-4 HSEs in my second system.
My thanks to both of you.

You're right, Hooper. My BP-30s might not be up to the level of, say, Legacy for 2-channel audio, but for what I paid for them they're pretty damned good. They can be a bit bright at times but I think that's the receiver throwing its two cents in. Hence my search for an outboard amp.

I'd really like to have a dedicated room and 2-channel rig, but that has to wait until I retire from the AF and move on to a second career (and a larger home).

I appreciate the input. My eyes were almost bleeding from reading all the reviews and debates over the various makes.