Amp for DefTech speakers for $1200 or less??

My speakers are:
DefTech BP-30s: Front L/R (bi-amped)
DefTech CLR-2002: Center (bi-wired)
DefTech BP2X: Surround L/R
DefTech SuperCube II

Useage: 50% music (2 channel, split between Vinyl and CD), 30% movies and 20% gaming.

Before I'm scolded for using DefTechs for music (lol) let me say that my salary (Air Force) and my home limit me to having a "jack-of-all-trades" system. I'm currently powering them with a Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi. Does anyone out there have any prior experience with DefTechs that enables them to recommend a 7 channel amp that complements them? I know an outboard amp will really let them sing.

FWIW: There's a new Adcom GFA-7607 on eBay for $599, but I've read Adcoms can be "too bright".

Thanks for your time!
My thanks to both of you.

You're right, Hooper. My BP-30s might not be up to the level of, say, Legacy for 2-channel audio, but for what I paid for them they're pretty damned good. They can be a bit bright at times but I think that's the receiver throwing its two cents in. Hence my search for an outboard amp.

I'd really like to have a dedicated room and 2-channel rig, but that has to wait until I retire from the AF and move on to a second career (and a larger home).

I appreciate the input. My eyes were almost bleeding from reading all the reviews and debates over the various makes.
No prob, AGP. You're welcome. The Def Techs can sound a bit bright if matched to gear that's not up to their potential. But once you mate them to the right stuff, they're REALLY good. I have my STSs in a part two-channel/part HT setup, and they do very well there. They have an uncanny knack of revealing the smallest changes in my system, which is one of the signs of a decent speaker.

Good luck in your search. It'll take a little effort, but you'll get there eventually. Just takes a little patience! :)