Amp for Dynaudio 1.3SE

Am looking for a powerful warm amp to pair with my
Dynaudio 1.3SE.
My listening room is very small and my current pure class A
amp does not control the bass well enough.
When purchased these speakers,auditioned them with MF Tri-Vista and they sounded great - speed,dynamics and tubelike warmth as well.
MF Tri Vista is my first choice therefore.
Any other suggestions please.
Thank you
Thanks for your kind suggestios,guys!
Will definetly consider Sim Audio W-5 or probably I-7 integrated.The accurate timbre and transparancy is what I'm looking for(thank you Classical1), as I find acoustic instruments sound a bid synthetic with my current amp.I need a 220-240V version though which is rarely available here at Audiogon and excludes the American market obviously.
I was in your boat just a while back. i owned the W3 and thought of moving up to the W-5 ,but the musical fidelity Tri-Vista got my money. i have been very happy with this combination now for several years and can't ever see changing it. the W-5 se is a great amp too with the dynaudio..can't really go wrong with either choice.
ONE WORD: TUBES. Serously, the Esotar tweeter can be ruthless, and a nicely executed tubed am will bring out the best in that speaker while preserving inner detail and transparency....