Amp for Harbeth P3ESR and Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

Hi All,

Please suggest a good amp that provides enough power and midrange for my new Harbeth P3ESR. Music source is usually from Tidal played from Cambridge Audio Azur 851N network streamer.

My speaker is in my living room about 12x15ft.

 I listen mainly to classical music, Jazz and vocal.

Thanks for your advice.


i found LFD NCSE II integrated Amp at $8k for a used unit.

My budget is $1-1.5k for a used unit.
I second the Rogue integrated amp, I believe they now use kt100 tubes which is what is in my Rogue st100 power amp that drive my P3's. However if you go the tube route be prepared to replace the preamp tubes with nos tubes. I run Mullard and tectronix(rca) in both my amp and preamp, the British speakers seem to go good with the warmth of the mullards. Another benefit to tubes is if you don't like the sound just replace the tubes, with SS equipment the sound is the sound and your kinda stuck with it. And by the way the p3's are glorious!