Amp for Harbeth P3ESR and Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

Hi All,

Please suggest a good amp that provides enough power and midrange for my new Harbeth P3ESR. Music source is usually from Tidal played from Cambridge Audio Azur 851N network streamer.

My speaker is in my living room about 12x15ft.

 I listen mainly to classical music, Jazz and vocal.

Thanks for your advice.


I ended up with an Odyssey Khartego.  Have Klauss modify it for a total of 120,000µF memory.  Those little speakers are power hungry!
Tone Publications reviewed the 40th anniversary edition and the favorite amp was the Sugden A21SE. 30 watts of class A. I own this amp and it’s special.
Nothing major. Different wood veneer. WBT-nextgen binding posts, British-made audio grade poly capacitors, and ultra-pure OFC internal wiring. I think any difference in sound would be negligible.