Amp for Harbeth P3ESR and Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

Hi All,

Please suggest a good amp that provides enough power and midrange for my new Harbeth P3ESR. Music source is usually from Tidal played from Cambridge Audio Azur 851N network streamer.

My speaker is in my living room about 12x15ft.

 I listen mainly to classical music, Jazz and vocal.

Thanks for your advice.


I have the Harbeth P3ESR and the Naim Uniti Atom and I'm quite happy with that combination. 

I have gone with option 1. Which is Naim uniti Atom + Harbeth P3ESR. I felt the sound is a little thin to my liking. It lacks lushness, power and details. I want to add amp between the uniti Atom and Harbeth.

Any recommendation?
BTW, I moved the setup to my bedroom. The sound does improved due to smaller enclosed place compared to living room. This is expected. But still something is lacking....
My P3ESRs sounded amazing with my ARC VSi55 integrated.  It ran pretty hot in the small room I had it in and I recently switched to a Vincent SV 237 integrated.  It incorporates an amp with the first 10 watts in class A with a tubed preamp and has maybe 95% of the magic of the ARC, but in spite of the Class A runs much cooler.  I'm very happy with it.  I have no experience with the other amps you mentioned, so can't compare.
What about adding Vincent SV-500? SV-237 is quite high price above $4.5k. Not prepare to spent that on this set up. Just not sure if SV-500 will help in my setup.