Amp for Harbeth P3ESR and Cambridge Audio Azur 851N

Hi All,

Please suggest a good amp that provides enough power and midrange for my new Harbeth P3ESR. Music source is usually from Tidal played from Cambridge Audio Azur 851N network streamer.

My speaker is in my living room about 12x15ft.

 I listen mainly to classical music, Jazz and vocal.

Thanks for your advice.


You might be thinking of the newest Vincent SV 237MK, however it retails for about $2,400 USD (are you in another country?), not $4.5K.  The unit I bought was a second hand Vincent SV 237 (no "MK"), the previous generation.  I paid $1250, or $250 more than the SV 500.
Stary i’d Give skip @ audiothesis a call, he’s in Arlington, tx., I’ve heard him demo many a harbeth on quite a few different amps including mastersound, which was great! he might have a nicely used demo..
@big_greg: I thought you are referring to SV-237MK. SV-237 is very hard to find in the resale market. I did a search online last night, i couldn't find any in US. But, anyway, thanks for your advice. It seems that SV-237 is a really good amplifier with great sound quality highly recommended by many. I have nit heard it myself. If the cost is around $1k, i think i will give it a shot. Thanks.