Amp for Martin Logan Ascent

Which Amp would you guys recomend for the Ascents. What do say about the Krell 400xi. This is what I was told by a friend. Also would you say that it needs a sub woofer and if so which one? I listen to all sorts of music from the rock of the `80s to jazz and pop. Also my living room is pretty big (About 35 feet by 25 feet).
The Krell should work fine and for your size room I would definitelly recommend a sub, possibly even two. The M-L Descents or any of the mid sized REL subwoofers would work very well. You should also read a recent post on M-L stats by Audiokinesis regarding potential problems with tonal balance.
There are far too many amps to list with out a dollar amount stated! Here are my first three I would check out, Classe, Audio Research and VTL.
The Logans do best with higher power amps. As to subs with the Logans I would not use them if it's a music only system only with HT. Placement is a bit more critical with these speakers but once you find the correct placement these speakers will ROCK! Check this web site out as you'll get some good info. Happy Holidays!
May I suggest the following.Tubes: This amp is just being launched by Western Reserve Audio Design {216} 521-0900 Terry/Steve ,160w/ch,600w peak ,flat to 50Khz-no voltage drop into electrostatic load and money back policy.
Solidstate:There are a pair of Classe CAM 200 monos for about $2500 at Soundworld/Bruce {920} 733 8539.Happy hunting.