amp for ONKYO receiver

Very modest system here but would appreciate any feedback on this,I have a Onkyo TX-SR705 and would like to find a amp to run the front L,C,R speaker and use the Onkyo for the rears.My speakers are Paradigm Titansv5, Paradigm CC-290v5 for the center and PDR 10 for the sub,I've been using Paradigm Atoms for the rears but hopefully I will upgrade to the ADP's.Watch mostly BluRay on my Sony BDP-S350 with HDMI hookups. I would like to stay under 700$ if at all possible,any ideas???? thanks for your input
I have three monoblock Sherbourn 1/300 amps. They'll do 200/8 ohm and 300/4 ohm. I have the 5 channel version and picked these up to upgrade down the road but don't need them anymore because I am just going to stick with 5.1 channel system. If you are interested I am happy to discuss pricing with you. I'll give you a great deal well under your budget.
I once started out with a Harmon Kardon 85. I ended up getting two Hafler dh200's for the rears and centers. and a dh220 for the mains. Huge improvement. Cheap way to upgrade. Then for the heck of it I tried a Lexicon cp-3 in place of the HK. Now keep in mind the HK was about a $1000 piece. I put in the vintage Lexicon which can be had for a couple hundred. Night and day difference. The Lexicon blew the HK out of the water. BUT... That is when the bug bit. I ended up spending about $15,000 after that. So.. Be very careful.
amc makes a perfecetly serviceable 2/3/4 bridgeable amp you can find on ebay for as little as $200--noce well made product