Amp for PSB Stratus Gold

I am looking for an amp for PSB Stratus Golds for my brother's birthday.It can be new or used and the family can spend up to $2500.00 or so. I have never heard them. How would you characterize the sound especially as far as the midbass and detail/brightness? I have an amp in mind, but it is known for being a little lean in the midbass, so i figure if the PSBs are full in the midbass, it would be a good match.I know they need a lot of power. He was using an Aragon 8008 that recently died. Thanks.
I used a pr. years ago with a Parasound HCA-3500. Also tried but sold a big Rotel. For under 1500.00 used I would buy another Parasound or get the newer model Parasound A21.
I had Goldis for years and ran them with a Rotel RB-1090 as suggested by Zd542 and for me they were a great match. I switched to much more expensive Parasound JC1 monoblocks and ended up buying another RB-1090 after a while because (for me again)they had better synergy. The Rotel made for a robust combination that wasn't too forward. One thing is for sure-those PSBs love lots of power.
Parasound A21 would drive your speakers beautifully. I have heard the Silver-i and they were really nice speakers. The Gols must be a step up. You can buy the A21 brand-new for much less than your budget.
I drive mine with dual Adcom GFA-2535's bridged to mono. I'm a little skeptical of this configuration because Adcom warns that, in bridged mode, they should not be used for speakers with less than 6 ohms impedance. Furthermore, those PSB's can dip down to near 2.5 ohms, and I'm hesitant to crank the volume too much for fear of thermal overload. Might be time to check out that sweet Emotiva.