Amp for Quad ESL 57

I recently bought a pair of Quad ESL 57, Wayne Piquet modified. They are simply amazing. I am currently using my McIntosh MA2275, and it does a good job overall. However, I wonder whether the new Quad II-Forty might a better choice. Any idea?
hi ralph:

since i like a "dark", euphonically colored presentation, i would prefer the stock version, unless you are aware of a mod which would further darken the sound.

most mods tend to clarify and increase focus. this is not the direction i want to go.
My vote would go to the new 50A amplifiers from deHavilland. These are re-makes of the original 50A's made by Fischer in 1954. We used them at the RMAF with WB speakers. Kara has used them with Quads. I promise you won't be disappointed. You can check them out on her website at
Jim, you're a dealer for deHavilland, aren't you?

Mr. Tennis, there is something I don't understand: If you like a dark unfocused presentation, why are you working with Quads (which can be really revealing)?
high ralph:

i complement you for an excellent question ?

the answer is somewhat obvious. since the quad is as transparent as it gets within its frequency response, it has no sonic artifacts and is low in distortion. by feeding a signal which is subtractively colored, i can voice the frequency response and presentation, without the usual comprimises of box speakers. i achieve the frequency response i want, create euphonic coloration and do so without grain, box colorations and other annoyances of other speakers.

it is much easier to color a clear window than it is to color a tinted and dirty window.

by the way, regarding the dehavilland amps, i heard the predessor. unless the new one sounds very tubey in the classic sense, i doubt i would like it.