Amp for Quad ESL 57

I recently bought a pair of Quad ESL 57, Wayne Piquet modified. They are simply amazing. I am currently using my McIntosh MA2275, and it does a good job overall. However, I wonder whether the new Quad II-Forty might a better choice. Any idea?
Jim, you're a dealer for deHavilland, aren't you?

Mr. Tennis, there is something I don't understand: If you like a dark unfocused presentation, why are you working with Quads (which can be really revealing)?
high ralph:

i complement you for an excellent question ?

the answer is somewhat obvious. since the quad is as transparent as it gets within its frequency response, it has no sonic artifacts and is low in distortion. by feeding a signal which is subtractively colored, i can voice the frequency response and presentation, without the usual comprimises of box speakers. i achieve the frequency response i want, create euphonic coloration and do so without grain, box colorations and other annoyances of other speakers.

it is much easier to color a clear window than it is to color a tinted and dirty window.

by the way, regarding the dehavilland amps, i heard the predessor. unless the new one sounds very tubey in the classic sense, i doubt i would like it.
Ralph I am a dealer for deHavilland but I recommend that anyone interested contact Kara Chaffee directly. This suggestion was more for Ggavetti. I doubt that the Mr T would like the sound at all.
The most extensive "trial" of amps for Quads (originals and Wayne Picquet modded )I have heard of was done a couple years ago by Robin Wyatt, of Robyatt Audio, and a couple of his friends - Gary Krakow, the tech columnist for MSNBC and David Chesky of Chesky Records. They tried about two dozen amps including many of the usual suspects - Music Reference, Berning, Quad, ARC, VTL, Bedini, etc.. The favorite amp was the very expensive ASR Emitter I Exclusiv Blue, but the second favorite amp was a relatively inexpensive modified Rogue Atlas (bigger power supply, upgraded parts) using EH KT90 output tubes. The speaker cables used probably cost more than the Rogue amp! You can find the complete list of amps tried in an article at 6Moons:
I know this thread is a little old but i thought I'd add to the on-line data base.

I just loaded new PK panels into my frames and fired them up. (Not my first experience with Wayne's panels).

My Musical Fidelity A300 integrated is not only stable with the load but also sounds excellent.

My 2 cents.