Amp for Revel Ultima Studio 2s

I currently am driving my Revel Studio 2s with a Simaudio Moon Evolution i-7 integrated but am looking to move to a more powerful pre/power amp combination. I only have room for a stereo amp (I don't have room for 2 monoblock amps). My audio cabinet (recently custom made) can also only accommodate an amp 20" or less in depth and 9.5" in height (although less height is ideally needed for the amp to breathe - the space in the cabinet is only 10" high).

I'm considering moving up in the Simaudio line to a P7 or P8 pre-amp plus a W8 amp. Other option is McIntosh MC452 amp and a Mac pre-amp or Mark Levinson 532H amp and a ML pre-amp (or a mix of the Mac/ML gear). Suggestions?
another vote for Levinson. just tried my 432 with the salon 2's and it sounded wonderful. would have to guess the studio 2's would sound great to. see my previous post on this topic at
This post is 7 years old!
Studio 2 is still current!
What amps, have folks found after all these years are best with studio 2 as of now.
Up for consideration:
mc275 x 2
ML 534
MC601 pair
pass labs various

I'm using McIntosh 601's and a c47 driving my Salon 2's. My listening room is somewhat on the small size, but fairly well treated. For me, the room treatment was the key to a really good sound stage, deep and wide. The speakers pretty much disappear. The sound is on the warm side. That said, all of the detail is present, but the warmth may take away some of the perceived detail in the upper mid range. It's just the McIntosh sound, but I have always preferred it. I will say, you can run the Salons for long periods of time and the amps stay relatively cool. I had my last McIntosh amp (mc2500) for 30 years and never had to have serviced. All of the above mentioned amps are really good. Just different sound characteristics.