Amp for Silverline MInuets

Setting up a system for a friend around a pair of Silverline Minuets-
Grateful for any feedback- looking for a small, inexpensive integrated to drive them with.
Heard good things about the new Nuforce Icon-
thanks in advance.
The beauty of the Minuets is that they are designed to be non-fussy about amplification. I would look into amps by NAD, Rotel, Cambridge audio, or even better, a little tube interated by Jolida.
I saw them driven at a show a few years ago by what I think was a small Monarchy integrated fed by a cheap CD player Alan Yun said he picked up for a few bucks at a garage sale (I think there may have been a Monarchy DAC somewhere in there but not sure). Judging by the crowd's reaction and disbelief I think it's fair to say everyone was pretty amazed at what they were hearing. Best of luck.
I've used a vintage NAD 7240pe, NAD 7175, NAD 7155pe with outstanding results. What a great little speaker.
NAD C320BEE or an older NAD PE series will do fine. These are great speakers - enjoy.